The Impact of Scholarships

Name: Paul Black

Scholarship: The Joe Mooney Distinguished Student Award

I would first like to thank you for this scholarship. Having a part of the financial burden removed allows me to be a better leader, scholar, and make the most of my time at Missouri S&T. I hope to further refine these these qualities as I finish my last four semesters. S&T has opened up many opportunities and allowed me to connect to amazing people.

Name: Jacob Whanger

Scholarship:The Henry "Clay" Brassfield Scholarship

This past semester I spent four months studying abroad in Malaysia. Traveling abroad has helped me grow exponentially and developed me more as a person. It means so much to have you support me to further my education. So as I say these two simple words, know they carry a deep meaning in my heart. Thank You!

Name: Joshua Lewis

Scholarship: The Elaine and Warren Rutz Scholarship Fund

Thank you once again for your generous donation. With your help through financial assistance has made my time at S&T easier than expected. Instead of needing a part time position I can devote my time to my studies and design team, and in the future I hope I can help students the same way you have helped me.  

Name: Leshawn Lampkins

Scholarship: The Spirit of the Jackling Gym Endowed Scholarship

I just want to take the time to tell you guys that I am very thankful for the scholarshop that I received from you. I am the first and only person to go to college in my family, so anything will help me out. So thank you very much and I appreciate it.

Name: Halle Bischoff

Scholarship: The Oberbeck Family Scholarship 

Thank you for supporting me once again in my college journey! I hope you know how much this means to me and that I will not let you down. Missouri S&T has become my home. I appreciate what you have done for me and believing in me. 

Name:Deanna Hyde

Scholarship: Clyde W. Hall Scholarship

I just want to thank you so much for making a difference in my life and allowing me to pursue my goals. Thank you for allowing me to create a great future for myself. I hope to use my education to make a difference in our world and help create a more sustainable future. I love Missouri S&T and I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful and enriching community.

Name: Cayci Reinkemeyer

Scholarship: Aaron and Zelda Greenberg Endowed Scholarship

Your scholarship means a lot to me. I know my Mom and Dad would want me to thank you too. Payin for college was a big concern for us. Your support has made it possible for me to attend one of the best schools in the country. Thank you!

Name: Robann Bowdry

Scholarship: Zebulun Nash Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your generosity. Without your support I would not be able to attend college this year. Your scholarship means the world to me, it came at a time when I was struggling with paying for college while saving enough money to help my family at home. I am completely grateful for you both because I know this school year would not have been possible without your help. 

Name: Connor Chadbourne

Scholarship: Theodore J. Planje, Sr. Scholarship

Thank you so much for your belief in me and my continued studies here at Missouri S&T. Things like this scholarship are what make me strive for excellence in school. Again, thank you for not only the scholarship but also the encouragement to continue to strive for excellence. 

Name: Ethan Kerr

Scholarship: The Steve and Ernestine Mueller/Echo Bay Mines Scholarship Fund

First, I just want to say thank you so much for your donation. I know it might just seem like money to same, however it means more than that to me. Personally, I just value your support and that you believe in my ability to succeed in life. It helps to know that other people believe in myself besides me. This provides tons of motivation to be a better person in life and to continue to improve and grow. Again, thank you both so much!

Name: Steven T. Beetz

Scholarship: Class of ’50 Scholarship

This scholarship is continuing to aid me in pursuing a stronger future for myself and hopefully others as well.  This past year my financial aid packet has shifted more towards the side of loans rather than scholarships and grants despite a 4.0 GPA and continuing extracurricular activities.  Despite this shift due to hard economic times, the Class of ’50 Scholarship has awarded me the same financial aid as my previous year which truly means a lot to know that my hard work is still helping to propel me towards success and I hope to one day be able to help a person in my current standing.

Name: Madison Gibler

Scholarship: Miner Alumni Association Silver Scholarship

Being chosen as a recipient of this scholarship has been a huge honor.  It has also relieved some of the financial burdens associated with college.  I understand that this scholarship is made possible by various donors.  It means a lot to me that those who have come before me care enough to give back and make a difference.  Because of this generosity, I also want to give back to this scholarship association to help other students like myself.

Name: Hannah Teague

Scholarship: Marge K. Uding Memorial Scholarship

I am so grateful to the Alumni Association and Mr. George Uding for making my college experience possible.  Without the help I receive from this scholarship, I wouldn’t have come here to experience Missouri S&T, Kappa Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Band, and the greatness of being a Miner!  I am also active with the Newman Center, which is a lot of fun. Thank you for these blessings!

Name: Meghan Ray

Scholarship: Miner Alumni Association Silver Scholarship

I am the first person in my family to attend college and as such going to college was very important to me.  Without this scholarship, I would not be allowed to obtain such a high quality education as I am now.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to improve my learning and life through the education I am receiving at Missouri S&T.

Name: Stefon Irby

Scholarship: Oklahoma Section Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship has not only helped me but also my family.  It has helped lift the financial burden off my mom’s shoulders and given her some room to breathe.  Thank you so much.

Name: Tom Benedett

Scholarship: Busche & Banks Alumni Scholarship

It’s not easy to first feel at home at college.  You’re often away from everything and anyone familiar.  And yet, the generosity of the people of this college has helped me more than I can say. 

Name: Matt Rost

Scholarship: Miner Alumni Associate Silver Scholarship

I would like to personally thank all of you for making my dream of becoming an Engineer a reality.  I come from a middle class family that is not rich enough to send 3 children to college, but not poor enough to receive government aid.  I am sure many of you came from similar backgrounds and know how hard it is to afford college.  Without this scholarship, I would not be able to afford this wonderful education.  I hope that I will follow in your footsteps and one day give back to this fine University.

Name: Carl Lacy

Scholarship: Rayferd D. Routh

I am consumed with my school and the extracurricular activities within it (which I consider the meat and potatoes of the school’s greatness).  Without the help your money is giving me, I’d be in a pretty tough spot.  School is a lot more expensive than I had originally thought, and now that I have a dual major (MetE/ME), I will be here longer than planned too.  It’s very nice to have support from successful alumni, not only because of the financial boost, but the encouragement that I get from you being well-off enough to help me out.  It gives me hope that I’ll be in the same situation someday.  Again, thank you.

Name: Stephen Lee

Scholarship: Elaine & Warren Rutz Scholarship

College has always been a long-standing goal for my family, but above all, a goal of mine.  My family has never been very financially stable, and my father has to work six weeks at a time as a semi-truck driver, only able to visit home for weekends at a time.  My family was very excited that I had become eligible for scholarships and grants, since I have been the first to attend college even amongst my extended family, and the Miner Alumni Association scholarship has given us enough funds to ensure my attendance at MS&T, which we all know to be a very fabulous college.  Thank you.

Name: Kathryn Rodhouse

Scholarship: Clyde W. Hall

As a senior, I am able to look back and realize just how much my collegiate career was affected by my scholarship support.  I honestly believe that without this support, I would not have been able to develop as strong of a resume.  Without the addition of a massive work schedule during college, I was able to devote a lot of time to my studies as well as extracurricular organizations.

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