Alumni House Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities Original
gift amount
Gift amount with Koeppel match

Kinyon-Koeppel Grand Hall         Named  

St. Pat's Veranda         $500,000         $333,333     Give Now
Kathleen and Matteo Coco Great Room
John O. Farmer Alumni Lounge         Named

Courtyard         $300,000         $200,000     Give Now
Fred and June Kummer Garden         Named

Gazebo          $250,000         $166,667     Give Now
Feagan Kitchen         Named            
Head Table in Grand Hall         $150,000         $100,000     Give Now
Order of the Golden Shillelagh Grand Staircase         Named              
Porte-cochere (exterior covered walkway)         $100,000         $66,667     Give Now
Paul T. Dowling Hall of Honor         Named

Dick and Shirley Bauer Bar         Named

Elevator         $100,000         $66,667     Give Now
Roller Family Board Room         Named

Bayless Family Office Hub         Named

Vaninger Family Plaza
Rothschild Executive Vice President's Office         Named

Berry Alumni Welcome Center         Named

Robert and Catherine Brackbill Office         Named

Billy Gerhart Office         Named

William and June Patterson Office         Named

Ron Tappmeyer Historic Emblem (Gear logo/Iron Wheel)         Named

Art Giesler Historic Emblem (Gear logo/Iron Wheel)         Named

The Harry K. and Lily C. Lum Staircase         Named             
Hardy Family Office         Named  



Michael J. and Mary Ellen McEvilly Archive Cases         Named              
Dan and Delores Hinkle Office         Named 

Michael J. and Mary Ellen McEvilly Office         Named

Eimer Family Recycling Center         Named

William and June Patterson Baby Grand Piano
Tables in Grand Hall (23) (each)         $5,000 

    Give Now
Landsaped Areas         Named 

Restroom facilities (1 space) (each)         $5,000 

    Give Now



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Hasselmann Alumni House

Hasselmann Alumni House
Hasselmann Alumni House was dedicated on March 14, 2015. Welcome home.

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