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110th Best Ever St. Pat's 

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Miner Alumni Association Schedule of Events:

March 17, 2018 

9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Pre-Parade breakfast, Hasselmann Alumni House, 1100 N Pine Street. All alumni, their families, and guests are invited to join us for complimentary breakfast refreshments prior to the parade.

11:00 a.m. St. Pat's Parade (our front porch has the best view in town!)

12:00-2:00 p.m. Post-Parade pig roast, Hasselmann Alumni House, 1100 North Pine Street. ($20 per adult, $10 per child ages 6-12, complimentary for children under the age of 6)    

‚ÄčHotel reservations: We have a block of rooms reserved at four hotels. Mention the Miner Alumni Association to book one of these rooms.

Comfort Suites 1650 Old Wire Outer Road (573) 368-4300

Baymont Inn & Suites 1801 Martin Springs Drive (573) 364-7000

Pear Tree Inn 2006 N. Bishop Avenue (573) 364-4000 

Quality Inn 1507 Martin Springs Drive (573) 364-8200

For more information, contact Sarah Jones, manager of special events, at 573-341-6359 or  

To visit the St. Pat's Board website (which includes a full schedule of campus events), click here.

The History of St. Pat's

The story of the first Saint Patrick’s day at MSM, as told to me by Professor and Fourth Saint Pat’s Advisor Lance Haynes, may contain a bit of blarney. Of course.

Increasing hours of sunlight created an ever-growing fervor among MSM students. Fed up with long winter nights and being holed up in their rooms, hostage to homework, students requested a break – a holiday in honor of the patron saint of engineers: St. Patrick. Officially denied their request, students took matters into their own hands.

On the night of March16,1908, St. Pat’s “assistants” elaborately decorated the entrance to Norwood Hall through the night. (How they thwarted the night watchman remains a closely guarded secret yet today.) St. Pat’s “deputies” then marched upon Rolla with handbills declaring the next day – March 17 – a holiday from classes. Strict instructions informed students to meet at the depot at 8 a.m. There, students were handed green sashes and shillelaghs.

Meanwhile, back at the campus, faculty members in their empty classrooms became enraged. Where were those students in so desperate need of yet another brow-beating? Filling his office in Norwood Hall, they demanded that Campus Director Lou Young do something about the miscreant youth.

As discussions proceeded, Young’s assistant, the very attractive Alice Long slipped out and stole away to the depot, alerting St. Patrick (her swain, the handsome George Menefee) that faculty were royally displeased. Fortified with a wee drink or two, Menefee mounted his wagon-chariot and led his minion students on the now-famous march up Rolla Street to Norwood Hall and into history.

Descending from his chariot, bedecked in green drapes borrowed from the library in Parker Hall, Menefee climbed the Norwood steps, running a gamut of angry profs and, in a calm and clear voice, bid the popular Dr. Young to kneel and receive the blessing of St. Patrick. In a moment of silence – that felt like an eternity for those holding their breath – Young calculated the odds. Eyeing the restless, ever-increasing crowd of students and assessing the limited number of faculty, Young went down on one knee, whereupon Menefee gently wielded his Shilellagh and said, “Dr. Young, I dub you the first honorary knight of St. Patrick.”

The students cheered. Caught up in the spirit of the moment, the faculty applauded. Then, to demonstrate the educational value of the day, Saint Pat surveyed the quadrangle with a beer bottle on his shillelagh, and, finding it “square and true,” proceeded to knight the entire Senior class.

Thus began Saint Patrick’s Day at Rolla on March 17 in 1908.

Relive moments from every past St. Pat’s event through 2013 via this historic timeline: 105 Years of St. Pat's.

Hasselmann Alumni House

Hasselmann Alumni House
Looking for the perfect setting for your special event? Put
Hasselmann Alumni House on your short list. Anchoring the corner of 11th and Pine, this beautiful landmark is an event destination in the heart of Rolla. 

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